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Managing Director Letter

The Environmental Policy of the company

RGP CZ s.r.o. is engaged in the manufacture of parts and components made from thermoplastic materials for automotive, consumer and other industries, the manufacture of parts for medical and food industry and the assembly of assemblies from these parts including inspection and testing too. It uses recyclable materials and thus helps to protect the environment.


RGP CZ s.r.o. Management declares this policy of quality and environment:

1.  Our main credo is a satisfied customer – we try to meet all the needs and expectations of the customer.
2.  We are constantly improving – through the improvement of processes and streamlining of systems, we want to achieve all kinds of cost reductions.
3.  We are specialists in the processing of TPE and other plastic materials – high quality recycled thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), this is what we want to compete with thermoset products.

The company management undertakes:

  • Setting out the objectives of environmental and quality policy based on this document,
  • Create the appropriate conditions and resources to meet the objectives of environmental policy,
  • Create an appropriate working environment and motivate the employees,
  • Creating the prerequisites for the development of society through the improvement of employee´s qualifications,
  • Be in compliance with the legislation, know the requirements and fulfil them,
  • In environment protection policy: reduce waste production and, in general, to prevent pollution of the environment.

From the employees is expected:

  • Consistent and accurate compliance with the procedures set out in the quality and environmental management systems, as specified in the dossier,
  • High responsibility of their work,
  • The prevention of errors and the prevention and recycling of the waste.

Nachod, July 7, 2017

Rodokalis Rodokalakis, Managing Director.


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